Who We Are

Gbados Energy Solutions (GES) is a company born out of innovation in business and society. We acknowledge what the future holds and what we as a company can bring to make it a better place for all. Our desire is to invest millions of dollars in creating new technologies that will help provide renewable and sustainable energy solutions to remote areas in developing nations. Our products are made for a wide range of consumers and we provide services in areas of new and innovative technology like Waste-to-Energy and Coal-to-Electricity projects as well as windmills.

Our Goal

At GES, our goal is to invest in the technologies that will help reduce green house gas emissions which are the primary contributors to global warming. We focus on energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impact and attaining independence from fossil fuels. We are also partnering with multi-national corporations, Government establishments and NGOs to provide basic infrastructures to the developing nations through Green sustainable energy solutions.


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